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Say no to war against Iran
British Royal Marines board an Iranian oil tanker last month (Pic: Ministry of Defence)
The US and its allies have a long history of meddling in Iran
The US and Britain escalated their threats of a new war in the Middle East last week, after Iran retaliated...more)
The Avengers: End Game
The Avengers: End Game was just re-released with additional footages a little over a month after it hit the theater...more)
Unpopular populist: Ford festering
He made a virtue of being a college dropout. He demonized Toronto, a city of 3 million, as home of...more)
The mask drops: Trump uses Israel to justify unhinged racism
Trump tweets fuel racism
All pretence and disguises are gone. Donald Trump slipped the leash and launched a vile, racist twitter attack against four...more)
Solidarity with Vancouver hospitality workers
Outside the prestigious Rosewood Hotel Georgia, signs with the words “One Job Should Be Enough” fluttered among over 300 primarily...more)
50 years since Stonewall: None of us are free until all of us are free
Lessons from the Stonewall uprising for today
This is the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising, often said to be the birth of the gay liberation movement...more)
Canada Day: The real enemy is at home
Rally for Unist'ot'en, Vancouver December 2018. Photo : Michael YC Tseng
Genocide, concentration camps, meaning and resistance
The release of the report from the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls unleashed a furious debate...more)
ATU solidarity for striking Rainforest Café workers
Cross-union solidarity boosts picket line against bad boss
On Monday June 24 we, bus drivers in Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) local 1582, joined the Rainforest Cafe workers on...more)
The CAQ’s racist laws: the struggle continues
The CAQ is pushing for more division but solidarity is growing against racist laws
Unjust laws must be defied, sometimes by both legal and illegal means. The two laws fast-tracked in mid-June by the...more)
The names have been changed to protect the guilty
Health rally at Queen's Park April 30th 2019
For the second time in just over a year Ford rearranges his trained seals
Not content to grant themselves a 5 month holiday, the Doug Ford Conservatives insist on keeping in the public eye...more)
Liberal hypocrisy on climate emergency
All out to stop the TMX pipeline
Just days after declaring a “climate emergency”, PM Justin Trudeau announced his government was approving construction of the Trans-Mountain pipeline...more)
Doom Patrol – the superhero antidote to Trump’s America
Doom Patrol promotional image
Maybe we aren’t doomed after all
I tuned in to Doom Patrol (Space Channel) with low expectations. Another superhero show, yawn. And this one from the...more)
Solidarity march with locked-out Quebec workers
Toronto Steelworkers join solidarity action in Trois-Rivières
Thousands gathered to support workers locked out by ABI, a smelter owned by ALCOA.
Over 6,000 primarily industrial workers from all over Quebec traveled to Trois-Rivières on Saturday, May 25th to show solidarity with...more)
Mark Norman, Big Business and military excess
Stephen Harper, Mark Norman, Justin Trudeau
While Tories and Liberals throw around millions to buy votes, Grassy Narrows is denied basic life-saving services
While Grassy Narrows endures endless suffering waiting for a treatment centre, funding and clean-up of their community, the Conservatives and...more)
To beat Scheer, fight Ford
Fightback against Ford can sink Scheer
When cracks in the Tory façade appear is the time to increase the offensive
As the fall federal election looms, the strategic voting rhetoric is coming to a boil. Not surprisingly, most of the...more)
Booksmart: Smart, feminist and funny
Review of Booksmart “The young generation are like: ‘You’ve put us in a fucked-up political situation, the Earth is dying,...more)
The fight for reproductive justice is a fight for us all
Rally for reproductive justice at Queen's Park May 2019
Attacks on public health will cut funding to sexual health clinics that provide both birth control and abortion referrals in Ontario
The horror of what is happening in the United States to women and all those seeking control over their bodies...more)
Plumbers and steamfitters strike against concessions
First major strike under the Ford government could have serious effect on key industrial and infrastructure projects
Picket lines went up across cities, towns and worksites in Ontario this week as 12,000 members of the United Association...more)
Sudanese revolution: interview with Egyptian socialist
Police block student march on Nile Street in Khartoum
The Sudanese revolution enters a new, critical phase as military attacks peaceful protest
In late May, spoke with Ibrahim, an Egyptian socialist, about the events unfolding in Sudan. As this article was...more)
Urgent action: Sudanese military launch attack against the Khartoum sit-in
Sudanese military launch attack against the Khartoum sit-in, many dead and injured
From MENA Solidarity network Sudanese military and militia forces are attacking the sit-in outside the Army Command in Khartoum, where...more)
Canada’s Genocide
National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls finds Canada committing systemic genocide
After almost 3 years of hearings, the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls has issued its...more)
A grayer shade of Green
Elizabeth May photo by Mark Kortum CC BY 2.0
Elizabeth May's environmental policies align with Scheer, and even oil industry shill Ezra “Ethical Oil” Levant
The recent surprise by-election win of Nanaimo Green Party candidate Paul Manly gave them two seats in federal parliament. In...more)
Planned economics under capitalism – The People’s republic of Walmart – Review
What do Walmart and Amazon teach us about the possibility of planned economies?
What can socialists learn from companies like Amazon and Walmart? A lot! and a socialist future might depend on it...more)
Reproductive justice and the campaign to overturn the federal abortion law
Rally outside Morgentaler Clinic January 28, 1988
With mounting attacks on access to abortion, a look at the fight that led to a historic victory in Canada
Reprinted from Abortion and the struggle for reproductive justice , a Resistance Press pamphlet (June 2014) An historic battle took...more)
Austrian neo-Nazi Strache self-destructs as resistance to far-right builds in Europe
Anti-racist protest in Germany May 19
The stakes are high in the elections to European parliament May 23-26
In the leadup to this week’s European elections, anti-fascists have been organizing across Europe to push back against the rising...more)


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