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Mining Injustice Solidarity Network hold 4th annual conference
Conference builds solidarity against mining injustice
The weekend of May 5-6 saw over 200 mining activists gather at U. of T. for the annual conference of...more)
Freedom Train builds campaign against Tar Sands
Freedom train arrives in Toronto
On May 9, the Yinka Dene Alliance of indigenous groups completed a cross-country Freedom Train by leading hundreds through the...more)
Harper slashes Aboriginal health agencies
Harper is bad for our health
“Residential schools effectively separated aboriginal children from the influence of everything that could sustain, perpetuate and define them. When you...more)
Egypt: bloodshed countering the revolution
Revolution vs counter-revolution
While at least 11 people were killed in Abbassia during clashes at a protest in front of the Ministry of...more)
Blitz an ambassador for political hip hop
Back to the political roots of hip hop
Blitz the Ambassador‘s album Native Sun Reviewed by D’Arcy Briggs Popular media has not been kind to hip-hop. What started...more)
May Day across Canada and Quebec
Reports from across the country
Vancouver (by Bradley Hughes) In Vancouver hundreds came out to the May Day rally and march organized by The Vancouver...more)
Teachers vs. austerity
Time for the 1% to get schooled
From BC to Ontario, teachers are in the cross-hairs of the austerity agenda, but are starting to fight back. In...more)
Peace, Respect and Friendship on Parade
Solidarity with First Nations
On April 28, approximately 800 people took part in a march for “Peace, Respect and Friendship” in solidarity with the...more)
Tar Sands superman
Canada: the Saudi Arabia of the 21st century?
Stephen Harper is nothing if not thorough. His agenda, whether in majority or minority government, has been to turn Canada...more)
Vancouver’s progressive Earth Day celebration
Earth Day targets Enbridge
On a sunny April 22, thousands marched to Vancouver’s Earth Day celebrations at Commercial Drive’s Grandview Park. The message of...more)
Bahrain: F1 races over blood
The regime can't distract from its attacks
Despite the brutal ongoing crackdown against pro-democracy protestors, Bahrain—home of the United States’ Fifth Fleet—staged the Formula 1 Grand Prix...more)
Crown suffers partial defeat in Harkat case
One step forward, but many more needed for justice
After nearly ten years, Mohamed Harkat has won another partial victory from the crown in his security certificate case. While...more)
The Saudi government arrests Egyptian activist
The pro-West Saudi regime targets another activist
Ahmed El Gizawy, an Egyptian lawyer and activist has been detained in Saudi Arabia and is now subject to 20...more)
Satisfying Hunger Games
See this film
Reading the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins, it struck me how respectful it was to its audience, “young adult”...more)
OPSEU solidarity group shows importance of rank-and-file organizing
Rank-and-file organizing
A new rank-and-file body, OPSEU Solidarity group, was organized to call for OPSEU (Ontario Public Service Employees Union) to remain...more)
Le printemps érable
The Arab Spring arrives in Quebec
Forty-four years ago students in Quebec went on strike for the first time. Inspired by events in Paris that same...more)
US presidential candidates in fealty to the tax-dodging 1%
The evil of two lessers
Presidential campaigns in the United States are a quadrennial farce that would qualify as great absurdist theatre if not for...more)
Ontario budget
How to miss the Orange Wave and the Occupy movement
After students occupied and workers demonstrated against austerity, the Ontario NDP have supported McGuinty’s budget and missed a chance to...more)
Gearing up for Pride!
Get ready to celebrate and demonstrate
It’s Pride season in Toronto! Pride week this year is June 21 to July 1. The theme “Celebrate and Demonstrate”...more)
A time for solidarity
walk for peace, respect and friendship
Six years have passed since the reclamation project began in Caledonia, and the government has yet to honour the treaty...more)
United against oppression
The Arab Spring in review
Mohamed Boazizi set himself on fire in front of a local municipal office in the central town of Sidi Bouzid...more)
Rumbles of resistance across Canada
Resistance to austerity builds
As the austerity measures being imposed on workers become increasingly incisive, working people are fighting back all across Canada. Despite...more)
Cautious optimism over Iran nuclear energy talks
Despite progress on nuclear talks, threats of sanctions and war remain
After 13 months of delay, the “Iran Six” aka P5+1—the United States, China, Great Britain, Russia, France and Germany—resumed talks...more)
United Arab Emirates
Free speech under attack
On April 9, six UAE citizens were detained in Abu Dhabi after refusing the authorities’ request to take on another...more)
The politics of social media
The revolution will be tweeted
Now that 985 million people use facebook and twitter, having a facebook account has become almost as ubiquitous as having...more)


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