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Bernier’s goal: drag the country to the right
He might disunite the right, but he will give more confidence to racists
In the space of a few short summer weeks, Maxime Bernier has gone from grousing about how the government protects...more)
The bosses lie. Ontario wants $15 and Fairness
Bogus claims of higher wages causing job losses should boost the campaign to defend $15 and fairness
The Fight for $15 and Fairness has worked hard to mobilize working class people across Ontario to fight for decent...more)
Attack on sex ed is an attempt to reinforce oppression
Teachers are supporting students and fighting Ford
A province-wide campaign opposing the Ford government’s attack on the progressive sex education curriculum has been gathering momentum. School boards...more)
Hull nurses stage second sit-in against austerity
The combination of job action and the electoral alternative QS can rebuild healthcare
On August 4, when a nurse at the Gatineau Hospital in Hull was told she needed to stay after a...more)
Poisoned people fight for clean water and environmental justice
The book documents government and corporate complicity, and the fight for environmental justice
Detroit journalist Anna Clark comes honestly to her knack for documenting resistance by ordinary people to injustice. Her great-grandfather was...more)
Fighting Ford’s attacks on democracy
The anger against Bill 5 can help strengthen workers struggles against changes to sex ed and to defend Bill 148
On Thursday, August 16, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council held a meeting to oppose Doug Ford’s plan to...more)
Janitors sweep rat union off BC campuses!
Janitors at UBC - Okanagan voted 90% in favour of joining a union
After many months janitors at several BC colleges and universities liberate themselves from an employer dominated rat union and join the Service Employees International Union.
After eight months of organizing and many setbacks, cleaning staff on four BC campuses have successfully joined the Service Employees...more)
Elon Musk is not your friend
A billionaire pushing cars instead of public transit won't help the climate
One of the most pernicious falsehoods that infects advanced capitalist countries is that great men are the drivers of historical...more)
Climate change in the Anthropocene: An unstoppable drive to Hothouse Earth?
Climate science is recognizing the radical changes required to avert catastrophe
‘Trajectories of the Earth System
in the Anthropocene’ by Will Steffen et al.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, August 6,...more)
Review: Blueprint by Alice Bag - A Glam-punk Riot grrrl dance party
Alice Bag has been an active performer and frontwoman in punk bands since the late 1970’s when she formed Los...more)
Water Protectors jailed for defying Kinder Morgan injunction
Packed courtroom during sentencing of Water protectors
BC judge sentences activists to jail for opposing disastrous pipeline project
On the morning of August 15, in front of BC Supreme Court Justice Affleck and a packed gallery of activists...more)
Interview: international day of action for peace in Colombia
The day of action supported activists in Colombia supporting the peace agreement
On August 7, the Colombian Action Solidarity Alliance organized a vigil in Tkaronto, endorsed by many Latin American organizations and...more)
More great grunge from Dead Sara
The latest from the female-fronted hard rock band takes on Trump's America
A filthy hot summer is the perfect time for some old school hard rock. The sauna of Los Angeles still...more)
Toronto mayoral election: no platform for Faith Goldy
The far-right activist promotes racist violence and should not have a platform to spew her views
There are about 18 candidates registered to run in Toronto’s 2018 mayoral election that is scheduled for October 22, and...more)
Interview: Derrick O’Keefe, Vancouver socialist, running for City Council
With ongoing austerity and the rise of the right, we need socialist politics and candidates more than ever
Lisa Descary from the Vancouver International Socialists interviewed writer and activist, Derrick O'Keefe. Derrick is a founding member of the...more)
Québec: a 2018 election primer
To stop the populist right, the left needs to fight austerity and racism
On October 1, when the people of Quebec go to the ballot, they will be faced with the same dismal...more)
Courts side with Kinder Morgan and sentence "sinister" seniors
Jailing water protectors won't stop mass civil disobedience
“Your Honour, I have lived my 70 years abiding by the law. But, if we look back into our history,...more)
Defeating Ford’s attacks: lessons from the fight against Hudak
The same rank-and-file mobilizations that stopped Hudak can help stop Ford
The election of Doug Ford as Premier of Ontario has generated much discussion about the Harris government in the 1990s...more)
Transport capitalism: profits over safety
With Greyhound's cancellations costing jobs and lives, the solution is not to give more money to a private company
On July 9, Greyhound Canada announced that it would end all bus services running for all prairie provinces. There will...more)
Toronto municipal election: Walied Khogali for Councillor - Ward 23
Walied brings his antiracist organizing to the municipal elections
Walied Khogali launched his campaign for Toronto city councillor in Ward 23 for the municipal elections in October 2018. Ward...more)
Stagehands locked-out at Exhibition Place
Mayor John Tory wants to drive out unionized workers to benefit corporations
On July 19, the Board of Governors of Exhibition Place locked out members of stagehands and stage technician’s union, IASTE...more)
Dog-whistle Doug Ford
Ford's harmful policies encourage further violence
On a sunny July day Mississauga resident Muhammed Abu Marzouk, his wife and two children went for a picnic. Afterward,...more)
Call centre capitalism
This science fiction exposes the reality of capitalism and racism
Boots Riley is an American rapper, producer, screenwriter and film director. He was born into a family of radical organizers...more)
The Brexit debate two years on
The shakeup of capitalist institutions opens up space for political struggle
It has been just over two years since Great Britain voted to leave the European Union (EU). With the final...more)
Vancouver labour council has the wrong vision for the fall election
Incuding Vision in the list of "left" parties builds illusions in capitalist parties and ignores the housing crisis
As a rank and file trade union member and a socialist, I am very focused on reforms that I think...more)


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