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Resisting a system in crisis

June 13, 2014

On June 14-15 at UofT Multifaith Centre (569 Spadina Ave), join us for a weekend-long political conference of ideas to change the world. Sponsored by
For the complete timetable go here, and to register go here.

Plenaries include:

  • System change not climate change
  • Taking on anti-union threat in Ontario and Quebec
  • The NDP and the crisis of social democracy
  • Introduction to the International Socialists

Courses include:

  • WORKER'S POWER: The birth of industrial unionism in Canada 1937-46| Rebuilding our unions: a rank and file strategy | Egypt’s ongoing revolution | South Africa after Mandela
  • CLIMATE JUSTICE: Environmental racism and climate justice | Labour and the fight for green jobs | Socialism and sustainability
  • INDIGENOUS RESISTANCE: Indigenous resistance: justice for murdered and missing Aboriginal women | Socialism and Indigenous sovereignty | Global resistance to imperialism
  • ANTI-OPPRESSION: Secularism and religious accommodation | How do we win reproductive justice: past and present struggles | Intersectionality, oppression and resistance | Disability, austerity and resistance | World Pride and LGBT liberation
  • ANTI-IMPERIALISM: WWI: slaughter and resistance | Ukraine and inter-imperial rivalry | 1917: from war to revolution  
  • QUEBEC: Quebec solidaire and left regroupment | Quebec: after the elections, what's next for the left?
  • THEORY: Rosa Luxemburg and the mass strike | Why do we need revolutionary organization | What is socialism? | Why is capitalism in crisis? 
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