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Amazon workers in final push to win union
Amazon's dirty anti-union tactics are not slowing union drive in Alabama
In the last days of the historic organizing drive by Amazon workers in Bessemer, Alabama, solidarity rolled in from across...more
Public transit under attack: Niagara region bus driver speaks
Bosses are using the pandemic to reduce services. Workers and riders are fighting back.
We need to be creative as the bosses are using this pandemic to erode our working conditions. The reality is...more
Laurentian University insolvency: canary in a coalmine
In an unprecedented move by a public institution, Laurentian University applied for insolvency protection under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act...more
An inspiring International Women’s Day with the flavour of the streets!
The IWD virtual march 2021 is a must watch
Toronto was still in lockdown when International Women’s Day weekend came this year. The multiracial committee called by Women Working...more
MARXIST ECONOMICS: Why capitalism can’t solve the COVID crisis
MARXIST ECONOMICS: Why capitalism can’t solve the COVID crisis This session will look at Marx’s analysis of how capitalist economics...more
Judas and the Black Messiah directed by Shaka King: Review
Not the whole story, but a good corrective on mainstream narratives.
Shaka King’s new movie Judas and the Black Messiah comes at a critical political moment in the US. It’s a...more
Workers' actions forced safety measures at Canada Post
Rank and file workers have to protect themselves
After a postal worker who worked at the Gateway sorting plant in Mississauga died from Covid-19 that he contracted at...more
Report on Business: Flowers bloom amid the turds of COVID
It is an ill wind that doesn’t blow somebody some good. During the first 6 months of the COVID emergency,...more
COVID and homelessness: Toronto leaves the most vulnerable out in the cold
In the midst of a deadly outbreak of COVID-19 in Toronto’s homeless shelters, the City is moving ahead with a...more
Kenney’s coal plan running into mountain of resistance
Kenney is facing broad opposition to destructive coal mining expansion
Having squandered billions of taxpayer dollars betting on a pipeline that will never be built , Alberta’s premier Jason Kenney...more


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